P.s I love you: Day Dream

P.s I love you: Day Dream

By Andrew Pacutho, Uganda:

It's peaceful and quiet. That is something rare with all this hustle and bustle of work and wedding organising.

You know I always looked out for a woman to love me but that goal eluded me a lot and all that I was left with at the end of each episode was the shards of my heart in one hand, the gaping hole in my chest each time my heart was broken.

During the aftermath of one of these events I, like the Buddha, sat on my sofa, and pondered life and decided that since I could not find a woman to love me I shall look for one to love with all my heart.

It felt like a noble thing but that too seemed just as futile with the only difference being that my heart always stayed put and intact. It's not easy to love perfectly either and it took a while for most of the dirt to wash away from the spring that was my heart but over time the water has cleared and the flow has strengthened.

Funny I should speak of water. The heavens have opened and it's almost impossible to see the end of my compound. It's soothing. The sheets of water as they play on the glass are hypnotising and the constant roar of the rain is a comfort. I am trapped indoors but the reprieve allows me to write to you. I must confess it is getting harder to keep with the letters…but like I said before, I am also committed to doing this till I am old and grew.

I miss you even though I see you most days of the week. Like today, it has rained heavily most of this week too and you were on my mind each time it rained. I never really had a chance to stand in it and get really wet though, something that you love to do, but you know how I hate cold water so I skipped out on it.

I took the break that the rain gave me to day dream a little and imagine what life after this matrimony business will be like. I pictured us walking hand in hand in the rain without a care in the world. The curtain of rain created our own private boudoir from the world. I imagined the sheer look of ecstasy you got when you were enjoying yourself but more than that I felt the warmth of your love. Just like the movies, I stopped; turned to face you planted the most awesome kiss on your lips. In my fantasy we stood there a while just breathing in each other, lost to the world. It was perfect.

After that a warm shower together and hot coffee was in order. The evening would end with me and you snuggled up on the floor in piles of cushions and blankets as we settled down for a movie I am sure we would really watch because we would be basking in the presence of each other.

I know this sounds like the movies right, but who says it can't happen. Looking forward to forever with you.



P.S. I Love You.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Namanya Hope

    awwwwww sweet

  • james

    that's some good writing skill you got there

  • Sly

    a good read.

  • EspoirKins Que Je Remercie

    it happens, after all movies are mirrors of our lives

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