Illusions of a Bachelor, Series

Illusions of a Bachelor: Under our clean carpet

By Aaron Aroriza, Uganda:

The first time I heard of how a pope is selected, I was totally amazed. That cardinals would lock themselves in some room at the Vatican until God chose one of them and caused white smoke to come out of a chimney connected to the cardinal-crowded room was nothing short of a miracle: clear manifestation of God's presence in the Catholic Church. Then… blessed John Paul retired.

The media started explaining the whole pope selection thing. (Is it just me or does the word pope so mischievously remind you of hip-hop?) I think it's just me. But back to the media; I was exposed to the selection process and actually discovered, much to dismay, that a pope was voted by humans who would later burn materials that produced white smoke when they were finally done with the elections. Hmmm, so the pope wasn't God-chosen after all and how I wish I had stayed in my little blue world of ignorance that kept me believing the pope was so godly and God-chosen.

I wish that infomation had stayed under the carpet. After all, isn't it what happens most times? Aren't we a society which likes pushing things and disturbing secrets under the carpet and acting like we stay in very clean rooms?  Don't we – even when we know about things – want not to talk about them?

That's exactly what father Musaala of Uganda is being chastised for. It's not like he has shocked us with the things he has written about. No. There's nothing he wrote in that dossier that we the faithful didn't already know was happening in our catholic church. We knew, but we didn't want it talked about. We just wanted to keep keeping it a public secret that was so recklessly pushed under the carpet.

Now he's been suspended, as if that will solve anything! And most of us church goers are hulling rocks at him. Aren't we just a bunch of rosary tagging, church going hypocrites? Have we even asked ourselves what – in the current situation the church is in – Jesus would do? If my bible study is anything to go by, I think Jesus would be kicking more ass and much harder than Musaala did. Remember when he caused raucous in some bad church?  Remember how he used to talk about Pharisees' misgivings in public? (I see some people suggesting Musaala should have talked about this behind closed doors). Remember when a church-based mob almost pushed Jesus over a cliff? Let's go ahead, push his issues under the carpet and crucify poor Musaala. It’s what our friends did to another truth-exposing man 2013 years ago.

Ah, but it's this marriage/divorce bill that still has me watching in awe as our senior citizens try to push yet other serious challenges under the carpet. The marriage institution is falling pretty fast and pretty hard. And you can be sure it's not because the law is weak. Jeez, even a primary kid would see the reasons. It's these same former primary kids that have decided the marriage institution might not be a good one to join and come up with an alternative that lets them eat their cake and still have it: Cohabitation. In their wisdom, our senior citizens, rather than try to understand why young people are preferring to stay together as if they are married but still remain free from the bondage of marriage, now want to legally include cohabitation in the marriage institution. They think they are doing the young a favor. Someone needs to pour cold water on these dozing MPs and shake them awake before they sweep marriage matters under a divorce billed carpet.

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  1. “Don't we – even when we know about things – want not to talk about them?” Sure we don’t. That’s why Father Musaala has ruffled a few (or many) feathers. Poor guy! Nice writing.

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