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Great Music, Great performer

By Boikhutso Mokoto, St Dominics Covenant (South Africa):

Writing is a platform one may use to explore, reveal and expose all emotion without any limitations. Take for instance the grammatical aspects of the English language i.e. adjectives and adverbs add dynamic meaning to texts and thus allow one to imagine and create all sorts of things. In the same sentiment, lyrics of a song make use of structural and expressional elements to create music that explores the crevasses of your heart and thus exposing our deepest darkest fears or inexpressible joy. Music takes one upon a journey beginning in your ear and finally resting in your soul. This voyage reaches the vast and unknown places of your soul, thus influencing your choices and path your life will take.

We are all born with the ability to create music. We enter this world armed with basic instructions and guidelines regarding how to steer our lives. These instructions assist in establishing life principles that are the foundation of who we are. Similarly in music, there are staves and the relevant music notes purposefully placed on a music sheet. These staves and notes form the core of a musical piece and such is our life.  We have staves and notes in our life songs with each cleft representing a different stage or event in our lives.

As we continue on our musical journey of life, we encounter moments that are filled with intense emotions, grievances, trials and all sorts of awkward happenings. We are often offered the opportunity to learn from these experiences. Similarly in music ledger lines lie parallel to the staves, each ledger line containing one note. Ledger lines act as a conscience in all of our life experiences.  Ledger lines along with the staves create a force field, a conscience of sorts that may prepare or warn us.

Once the structural elements in the music piece have been strung accordingly; the platform to create, recreate and inspire art begins. With all the fundamentals of the music piece set in motion, it is time to add the beat of your choice.  For instance if you had an undeniably attractive first boyfriend; you may choose to create a song that characterizes this experience. The song created may be characterized by a fast pace comparable to the rate your heart pounded when he said your name or gazed lovingly into your eyes. The melody of this song is further developed as you reminisce on memories of him showing you affection by treating you to romantic dates or lavishing you with gifts for your one month anniversary. These memories add dimension to this song and the product thereof is an electrifying sound!

This soundtrack becomes a part of your life until the day your heart is shattered at the news that your song-inspiring, 'heart-pound-causing' stud of a boyfriend is moving to Australia. This is the beginning of a completely different song, a new song with a melancholy and pensive tune. This new song progresses with an entirely different arrangement; the staves and ledger lines are filled up with notes that lead to a change in tone. The major notes which previously gave your song an intoxicatingly happy sound are now replaced with minor notes which leave knots in your stomach. The pace slows down and your world seems to be crashing down like a rhythm less blues song. This is just an example of one single event in life that produces such melodic tunes.

The songs created by your life’s experiences are forever stored in the archives of your memory. Every journey in life brings a whole new song to light.  Your life, like an empty music sheet, awaits the un-inked compositions of your heart’s song; with its own marred yet melodic harmonies of perfectly imperfect sounds to be produced.

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