Month: March 2013

Series, Taxi Tales

Taxi Tales: Rich Ugandans in Taxis

By David Tumusiime, Uganda: The richest Ugandans use taxis. I know. I sit next to them everyday. At least I hope they are rich. Otherwise why would a man, knowing full well he is in a taxi with 15 pairs of alert ears, bellow down a phone, “Yes, yes, it's urgent! Just send me that ka-one million by mobile money. […]

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Time to rethink Catholic Priests’ Celibacy

By James Lutaaya Esq., Uganda: Barely had the white smoke emerged on March 13 2013, than the debates of the changes needed in the Catholic Church gathered pace. By the time the world knew “Habemus Papum”, we had a new pope; Paul Francis. The most prominent of these debates focused on priesthood celibacy. Recent scandals world over have brought this […]

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Poetry, Tale Africa

Defeat in my Victory

By Talent Mqongo, South Africa: The feeling so intense and heavy lays a foundation beneath my heart Nerves in the head protrude violently making the face unpleasant to stare The fall of tears and rear view gestures has long settled for retirement Lost in tracks of time so far I cannot differentiate night from day Anger and pain for breakfast, […]

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High School Chapter, Tale Africa

The Third Man

By Kgomotso J Kgopa, South Africa: This bed that witnesses my short lived joys of life – come sunrise Is the same bed that sees my pains and shames of life – come sunset For joy cometh in the morning But as the sun touches down for rest, discontent overshadows me Life's heavy burdens, I cannot carry anymore Heavy laden, […]

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