Where, Were and Wear

By English Tutor:

Where, were and wear. The three words are commonly confused in writing more than they are in speech.

Where = has to do with location.
E.g. where did you go over Christmas?
Were = is a form of the past tense to be used after we, you and they or a plural noun.
E.g. we were at the hotel close to the waterfall.
“You were at that hotel?”
They were at the snazziest hotel in town.

Wear = is how you spell the action of putting something on. This can be clothing or anything that you put on your body. Wear is also used to describe when something is getting old, or the condition of that has been used for a long time or not being taken care of.
E.g. I will wear my new shoes tomorrow at dinner.
I will wear my shoes until I wear them out.

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