Vowels and Consonants

Vowels and Consonants

By English Tutor:

-A – E -I -O -U.  These are called vowels and they form part of the alphabet. They are important as it is rather difficult to form a word without using them. They give the sound to the words we write and say. If you doubt this, try saying a word without a vowel and see how it sounds. As important as they are, it is rather difficult and you would need to scratch your head to find or make a word that consists only of the vowels.

Consonants make up the rest of the English alphabet and they together with the vowels can be used to make words, short or long.

The following are just reminders when vowels and consonants are used in English.

  1. When you write or say a word that begins with a vowel, then you are required by the rule of English grammar to use the  adjective 'an' before each.
    an apple
    an elephant
    an idiom
    an owl
    an outrageous remark.
  2. This rule applies in the opposite when you start a word or a noun with a consonant.  It will have 'a' before the word is written or spoken.
    a zoo
    a pet
    a queen
    a word
    a speech
    a grammatical error

It is rather easy to remember this rule, and maintain it.

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