High School Chapter, Tale Africa


Zolani Nkomo, South Africa:

I have a feeling in the height of my morning wake,

I’ll take a trip to my mourning place

That once occupied space

Is once again vacant

Let’s take a moment

I probably see her point

My heart is saying no

Is there truly reason for holding on


So sad that I can’t be sure


She wants to end it?

Then play it off, say we could still be friendly

This time I swear I did nothing wrong

What you gonna do?

Write a song

Tell it all!

This thing is getting old

Turning cold

Rumours unfold and she was getting tired of hearing lies once told

In the back of my mind I should’ve known

Always fucking shit up, I’m not even safe on my own!


Exit with regard

This did take us pretty far

Now look where we are


I don’t really wanna think about you now

And it’s so crazy because you’re the only thing on my mind

Peace is hard to find

Find a piece of peace in my heart

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