High School Chapter, Tale Africa


By Zolani Nkomo, South Africa:

We promised not to say things we don’t mean

These days I don’t dream

This burden is getting too heavy on me

Holding onto a lie I don’t need

I don’t even wish I felt that way

Or maybe I do

Mara Nakhona,only for the sake of you

You're just not there anymore

I really hope the exit isn’t the entrance of heaven's door

You told your mom about me

She’s smiling when she greets me

She approves, of course,it’s me

Some kind of expectation will arise obviously

Friends now wanna get to know me

And I’ve got a hunch, something tells me

The one who’s so enthusiastic is the one who wants to love me

Facebook requests, Facebook adds

I should’ve ended it sooner

Now I’m just going in deeper and deeper

Already lost what could’ve been the real thing

Because I’m stuck here where I don’t feel anything

No this is not gonna work

How many of you must I hurt

For you to know I’m not my potential's worth

Blame it on Kebone, she hurt me first

Or maybe Noge, she made me worse

I’m false hope

I’m the most fictitious

I’m a fallacy

I’m the lie

I’m a learning curve

You have to go through me,

To get to where you ought to be

I don’t deserve your love

I could never know what it’s all about


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