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My Sonnet, My Poem

By Kitra Steve:

I was fascinated by your words, your literal ability to encompass a text so rich

In twisted rhymes and heavy vocabulary not for a faint mind to comprehend

To depict images and evoke feelings through vibrant utterances

Signs and languages so rare, Amharic to the less linguistic

Encrypted in this text was a message to the intended audience, codes only known to them

Like a jumbled story it made no sense, a puzzle with no pieces no clues

Such beautiful wording, awful punctuation graced with random vernacular

Yet it made meaningless sense portrayed through abstract ideologies

To subject your mind to such relentless torture to convey a message

Hidden in a twenty six letter alphabet, a great limitation to your expression

Yet in that I found what I didn't search for, that to decipher the code

Is to realize the potential of a mind so great and to expose its innovations

Through different dimensions though limited by our abilities of the means availed

And in this I chose to write my sonnet, my poem.

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