Its and It’s

Its and It’s

By English Tutor:

The confusion between these two is because one of them is a possessive pronoun (its) and the other one (it's) has an apostrophe which is frequently used to mark possession. It's is simply a shorter version of saying it is or it has.

The dog finished it's dinner.

This sentence looks acceptable but if you mentally spell out the abbreviation you get.
The dog finished it is dinner. (Does not make any sense.)
The dog finished its dinner. (correct use)
Instead of: Its a long way to the station.
Consider: It’s a long way to the station. (it is)


Note: to avoid the confusion that one may have differentiating these two from each other, it is always safer to use the full word. Instead of using it's, one can opt to use it is until the brain has mastered how to use them faultlessly. That is one trick I use for myself. Using 'It is' in writing is much neater.

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