I and Me

I and Me

By English Tutor:

I and me tend to cause confusion when in combination with other nouns or pronouns. Politeness dictates that you should mention others before yourself in sentences.

E.g. Cynthia and I enjoy reading Jane Austen books.
My sisters and I have the best of fun playing with the children

However, in spoken English me is often used in such circumstances:

E.g. Cynthia and me enjoy reading Jane Austen books.
Or even
Me and Cynthia enjoy reading Jane Austen books.


The problem is easily solved if you remove the extra factor. If you take out any mention of Cynthia, the mistake in the second two sentences would be immediately apparent. No one above the age of four would write

Me enjoy reading Jane Austen books.

The second problem with I and me arises from what is known as hyper-correction. Some people get it wrong from not ever having been corrected and some get it wrong by being overly concerned about getting it wrong. One should remember that you shouldn't say my friends and me or Cynthia and me, some speakers overuse the and I construction and say things like:

This trophy was awarded to my friends and I.

In this sentence, if the friends are removed the correct version of the above sentence is clear.

This trophy was awarded to me.
In grammatical terms I is used as the subject of a sentence whereas me is used as the object.

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