Facebook Love

Facebook Love

Kgomotso J Kgopa, South Africa:

Fingers dribbling across the keyboard,

'Qwertying' rapidly as they try to keep up rhythm, pace and space

With my pounding heart as I sincerely pour it to her.


A sense of security rests on me

As I suddenly behold Love in its purity while I deeply search and express

Portions of my emotions.


Suspended below the shades of the cybercafé

Me, Jay, son born in rusty-dusty settings of Bopline (Mabopane):

Captured in zero scepticisms of the society but ecstasy,

I lean forward to type a few line combos

Laying them on the monitor

And she reciprocates with the same intensity and passion

In a short time of adding and knowing each other as friends

Our converses flow along the lines of:

“I am hooked” and “You'll know me better as we cruise along”

It flows so effortlessly like red wine

The exact colour my heart turns when writing on her timeline.


A rush of blood streaming through my veins

As her words, virtual kisses and embraces travel

Via the outer space satellite

Onto my computer sight

She hypnotises me with her wittiness, charm and grand state of mind

As I read her wall posts and inboxes

Talk about “from tokoloshi to technology”

How convenient

Time be lenient

As I indulge with this, my woman undertaking the journey

Of love.

I don't feel like logging out on her,

She is my ultimate cyber queen, my Facebook queen.


Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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