Aren’t we excited?

Aren’t we excited?

By Zolani Nkomo, Grade 12, Crystal Park High School Gauteng:

Aren't you excited?

We’re here!


Finally we can see our whole lives ahead of us

The rest of it is behind us

To think of all the odds against us

The gods must be with us

Artisans of our own fates

Smarter with clearer mind states

It’s too late

Nothing can stop us now

Zolani, I Promise I won’t let us down

Always been the cowboy with the spirit of a bull

My faith births a humble champion

I just hope I become an honourable man

I want to do good

I want to make it to the future

So I can influence forever

Peace taught me how to be a shape shifter

School’s teachings were to prepare us for adaptation to life

I like me just fine

Wasn’t prepared to be a shape shifter

See it from my point of view

But your vision is blurred

Adapting has your vision obscured

Truth is the cure

We’re almost there

I can see everything from here

Peeping over the fence to greatness

We’ve been running from it

We’ve been standing on it

Why couldn’t I just accept it?

I’m not a numbers man

But then, I don’t know who I am

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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