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The love I can’t pursue anymore

By Kgomotso J Kgopa:

Barren soul that conceives no emotions

To help pursue the love affair of which you and I have my skat.

Black, dead roses

Heads on one side

Coated by the dark smoke-ashes, trashes

Emanated by the once burning love and passion!


Petals…more like metals,

They are now like razors, thorns now like needles!

Exactly the sharpness of words which we threw at each other.

It is now patches on my wounded flesh,

Heart dashed against square walls in which it was entrapped.

Splash! Is what I wish to do into deep seas and float with seafronts

Where to?

I do not care

As long as where the seas are headed to-I do not lay my eyes on you.

Flows of life!


Like desert dunes,

Demons surround me and trouble me for eons.


Oasis of Waters of Life: my salvation against strife

But the context of which my third being is caught in between is rife!

Stuck in between my other two versions,

Flesh and Spirit

Is this my third dimension: tortured soul.

Like a thousand scattered mustard seeds across great fields, my inside

is that far from being a unit.

Completely incomplete and disintegrated!

With that much time prerequisite for self regeneration…

And soul recuperation

I’m just incapable of loving you anymore.

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