P.s I love you: A man, A husband and A lover

By Andrew Pacutho:

A friend once said we should always ask someone to marry us with the expectation she will say yes. If we know she will say yes we would have planned for the aftermath of her answer.

And that is really, really true. But I am sure no man walks into such a scenario without butterflies running amok in his belly. With what I was feeling in my belly that night I am certain I had a flock of birds, and judging from their rambunctiousness they were marabou storks.

I have already told you how the days immediately after your acceptance of my proposal were bliss. I'm not sure I remember most of it, the details I mean, but the feeling has never left me. We talked on the phone for hours like we did when we just started dated and then texted for a few more hours after we had hung up. It's like we had fallen in love over again, again. It was magic.

Now reality has snuck back into my dream and has nudged me to look around me. I am scared. You have been a part of my life for so long as we dated but now I face eternity with you. You shall share my name, my house, my bed and my life.

Don't get me wrong I would have it no other way but what man does not feel inadequate in the face of such great responsibility. No longer is my heart mine but I gave it to someone else and in return received theirs. It's like being the curator of the most precious art piece in the galaxy. I would be a fool not to be apprehensive about that.

Will I be all that you, I, need to be to you? Will my slight A.D.D be too much for you up close and personal? This is a whole new ball game and I have to be ready for this because after the wedding is done, and all the guests have gone, after the lights have been turned off and honeymoon is done, the marriage begins. This shall be the biggest test of my manhood and everything I have learned about being a man, a husband and a lover.

But if there is one thing you know about me love it's that I don't back down from a challenge and I never turn my back and run; so now I put my game face on. I am going to love you so good you are going to pray for a couple of more lifetimes with this stud.

Stand warned, I am reading every book, praying every prayer, infact I am calling on all my mentors, adviser and more to give me all the good stuff on how to be the right stuff. I am going to blow your mind…so help me God.

Kale, have so much more but my boss will be back any minute now so I have to go make that paper for the wedding of our dreams.



P.S. I Love You.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Becky Nantale

    Oh my good-t-ness!!!!! Brother is deep but well written Andrew, This piece has put it even better than i would have and it does deserve to be shared. Like your resolve and surely wish you all the best

  • Kizito "Kizzy" Katawonga

    Fantastic, you have reminded me of the time I also proposed.I must have proposed like three times and even though I knew she would say yes, I was always terrified that she could change her mind and say no. Marabout stalks is a joke compared to what I felt.And every day after that I have lived with the apprehension at the incredibly huge responsibility of protecting and providing all and sundry for the most amazing woman I've ever known, knowing someday I will have to present her before God and he best be pleased with what he says!Brilliant piece.

  • MizPage

    * daintily wipes away a tear* Sigh... When is that Boss leaving... I need another letter

  • Patience

    so cute......that boss should have been on leave

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