Long awaited beginnings

By Kgomotso J Kgopa, South Africa:

The events that took place on a Saturday,

The 30th March 1991 were by far spectacular

Walks of life began

Crawls of life rather

Gradually evolving into matured steps

The African landscapes and terrains braced

And graced themselves for my footsteps

Paths opened

Magnetic fields aligned

Mother Nature's intentions for navigation devised a natural compass

That pointed in one direction

And one direction only-“FORWARD”

Thus followed- my small footed prints with a young, curious mind on Red soils

For blood of masses had flowed

And percolated deep underground

Until banks overflowed, hence blood came to surfaces eventually

Wounded lands, Red soils indeed

Shaken terrestrials, quakes of pain, separation and struggle

Political uncertainties – Apartheid you monster!!!

God and life itself were kind in the sense that the young, eager Kgomotso

Was born when political scopes were vastly changing

Harsh rains were passing and a rainbow was soon to emerge

With freedom sliding down its slope

Hello, rainbow nation!!

Kgomotso, meaning Comfort

To her, my mother, the name meant everything

It was what she had longed for all the days of her life

Birth complications, rejection, humiliation from the society, she had experienced

Prior to her first ever live baby boy, yes me.

Deep in the streets of Mabopane (Gauteng, South Africa)

Had there been a long wait for a change catalyst…my birthday

A change that resonates from deep within and impacts souls worldwide

Long awaited beginnings

Rhythms had just began

These rhythms emanated from a heart beat that began far while still

in the womb

Born to defy odds

New Beginnings!

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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