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I am a migrant too

By Kgomotso J Kgopa:

Sun of a new dawn

Suspended in mid horizons

Sunlight my guidance into the infinite

Sees me enclosed in a metallic assemble on four wheels

On travel via Mabopane highway

First stop: “Short left” on Nelson Mandela drive

In pursuit of education

A dream that is to awaken the forgotten dreams of my people

At the south I stand

Nevertheless let the north, east and west

Acknowledge my presence


On point

Every place my joint

For at first I am human

Before second being labelled by society: A MAN

And the human is everywhere

I live here

I live there

In you-you in me

Default migrant I AM

Human Identity

DNA, pure muscle and bone density

Fused with a thriving human spirit

Great migrations

Alive with possibilities

A city stands

At a distance

Big city lights-Jozi Maboneng!

Gautrain on track

Mechanical forces fighting scientific laws

In order to land me at my pre-determined destination

In search of greener pastures

An African melting pot meets the eye

Diversified, yet unified societies merged

Ubuntu my middle name given by her-“Muthaland”

Deep sounds resonate from the depths of Table Mountain

Seeing past geographical and provincial boundaries

Mother city my next stop!

Lower limbs engaged!


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