I am a migrant too

I am a migrant too

By Kgomotso J Kgopa:

Sun of a new dawn

Suspended in mid horizons

Sunlight my guidance into the infinite

Sees me enclosed in a metallic assemble on four wheels

On travel via Mabopane highway

First stop: “Short left” on Nelson Mandela drive

In pursuit of education

A dream that is to awaken the forgotten dreams of my people

At the south I stand

Nevertheless let the north, east and west

Acknowledge my presence


On point

Every place my joint

For at first I am human

Before second being labelled by society: A MAN

And the human is everywhere

I live here

I live there

In you-you in me

Default migrant I AM

Human Identity

DNA, pure muscle and bone density

Fused with a thriving human spirit

Great migrations

Alive with possibilities

A city stands

At a distance

Big city lights-Jozi Maboneng!

Gautrain on track

Mechanical forces fighting scientific laws

In order to land me at my pre-determined destination

In search of greener pastures

An African melting pot meets the eye

Diversified, yet unified societies merged

Ubuntu my middle name given by her-“Muthaland”

Deep sounds resonate from the depths of Table Mountain

Seeing past geographical and provincial boundaries

Mother city my next stop!

Lower limbs engaged!


Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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