P.s I love you: Morning After

By Andrew Pacutho:

I woke up this morning, and while most of my days were the same as it had always been for the last 2 plus years, everything was different, for this morning like every morning since you said yes, I was engaged.

My phone has not stopped ringing, my inbox is full and my Facebook wall is abuzz with comments, congratulatory messages and more. I am a very blessed man.

I must confess that I never expected to me married or at least planned to be married. Marriage was something I desired but after one false start to many I had resigned myself to Paul's admonishment. I was not even looking for you when you came along but somehow, even after I fell flat, I kept back just in case.

But over the days, which turned to weeks, which turned to months, which turned to years you have been one of the greatest things that have happened to me. We have visited the heights of love and descended into the depths of disagreements, so bad sometimes I believed it was done. But on both occasions we showed resilience and bounced back.

I cannot say how grateful I am that I did not call it quits. So now I walk to work and nod my head at all and sundry knowing that soon and very soon I get to share a life with you.

I am still speechless. I just satisfy myself with watching you and your girlfriends croon over the ring and sigh when you tell the story. Thanks for keeping the crying bits short…I always imagined you as my wife but now I see it, I can envision it, I can picture it, I can visualise it and every time the thought just makes me smile like a baboon on weed. I think my boss is thinking of sending me home again simply because I think my productivity is like low cause there is little room for anything else other than you as my wife.

But sometimes I think about what I have done and the implications hit me. The cost of a wedding! Ideally we all get married once so we are both as green in this as possible but then I remember that light in your eyes, and the many friends we have, and family and God. We shall be fine.

You shall be the most beautiful bride come that day and me, the luckiest man on this planet. I am looking forward to being your husband.



P.S. I Love You

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Hope


  • Hope

    There is a mistake if you read carefully. "i never expected to me married"

    • Pacutho

      haha thanks for pointing that out hope.

  • picked_a_name

    aptly named "Morning After", i came here seeking a horror story of how he runs away from the unsuspecting girl he has just used, or something of the sort... Am glad it was not that, though! I am.

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