P.s I love you: Children

By Andrew Pacutho:

What do you think of children? Fat, drooling babies! Not many women seem to be keen on babies. Big families are a thing of the past which is sad because full households are magical…most times. I grew up in a big family so a full house will always be more acceptable than an “empty” one. In fact living without a housemate for the first time in a long time really brings on bouts of melancholy.

Anyways, babies. The expression on your face when I told you I want six was hilarious. I can imagine, with your very creative mind, you were saying, “like hell, unless you are pushing at least four of them”. I almost chocked on my food and I am sure guys at the restaurant thought that that coffee was the last thing in my cup.

But because I love you here is what I am going to do. I realise that pushing is really tough stuff and so you don't have to. I am sure we shall have this discussion again so we shall haggle on how many heirs we should sire.

I also realise that providing for all those eating pooping machines especially in their first years is really hard. So worry not, being pragmatic and practical, this point is working in your favour.

But also, I have spoken with God and said that should six children be his will for us (smile) or if my marriage game is so tight that kids just keep popping up unplanned and what not, that you push thrice, two for each push or twice, three for each push. I have bargained with him in much prayer that not more than three pushing's and double for your trouble.

Six may be much but four would be reasonable. We need to have some life in the house and our kids need playmates for the days it will be rainy outside but most likely for the days we ground them for being naughty…like their dad.

But you can be sure of this love, regardless of how many children we bear I shall work tirelessly to feed and clothe them. One thing I want said on my funeral is this; that my wife and children never wanted for bread nor strut around naked. It's my promise, my vow, my duty and my obligation.

But my secret weapon is this, that “my good wife looketh upon me with a light in her eyes that doth make a man have confidence in himself” to achieve all he sets his eyes to me. The light in your eyes will light the fire in my heart and light my path in a dark day.

Oh almost forgot, do you think you can spare some time when you get back from your work travels. I have a very special dinner planned for us.



P.S. I Love you.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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