Illusions of a Bachelor: 12.12.12

Illusions of a Bachelor: 12.12.12

By Aaron Aroriza:

So, finally Milly got married; No, not to her pastor fiancé and no, not to me. The wedding meetings might have irked me a little but the wedding reception was something to write home about; not that I will be writing about it anytime soon. It's the white wedding gown I still don't understand.

Some people say white is meant to signify purity. Of course Milly is everything but pure though that's not the issue I have with all this. It's the color of the gown and its significance that I have issues with.  White is a combination of all colours. Put another way, white, is a colour that has been adulterated by all the colours in the color wheel. How can that be pure, how can that possibly be a colour that represents virginity?

Black on the other hand is the absence of all colours. If I was looking for purity, that would be my colour. But we've successfully turned it into a colour of mourning, a colour that represents evil, a colour that reminds us of sadness. And then we've been called blacks. What should we think of ourselves?

Yet people, when they want to appear authoritative, powerful and sophisticated, adorn black and drive black cars; the same people who would rather have us believe black is cursed and bad and white is superior, pure and good. Should we follow the imposed fashion of wearing black on funerals and wearing white gowns when we wed?

Milly would say yes. She almost chased me from her grand dad's funeral some years ago when I showed up in a white t-shirt. She accused me of not being in mourning mood. The accusation might not have been entirely wrong but the premise on which it was based was certainly subjective. I borrowed a black sweater from a friend and suddenly, in Milly's opinion, got into mourning mood. You would imagine the angels are always hanging around funeral places trying to comfort the bereaved while others carry away the spirit of the dead. We've been made to believe angels are always in white. Should we not emulate them on funerals? Should we not strive to make sure when the angels are attending the burial they don't find themselves oddly dressed? Shouldn't we be wearing white on funerals?

As she said the vows in church, Milly must have felt pure; Pure and virgin; if for no other reason but that she was wearing a white gown. The missionaries did perfect work of enslaving our minds and sowing seeds of inferiority in our hearts and souls. It wouldn't have been so bad if they had just stopped at that. But no, they further used the bible to 'help' us find justification for our learned inferiority complex.  Aren't the teachings of the missionary still enslaving us long after the colonial master is gone?

But it's the rigging of calendar dates I won't put up with. As I write this, there's excitement around about a special date with a repetitive pattern. 12.12.12. Pardon me if I don't join the party; forgive me if I try to spoil it. But aren't we all hypocrites… rigging dates so we can feel special? Today is 12.12.2012 but for some reason we want to write it as 12.12.12 and then feign amazement, sound wowed, feel ecstatic and claim to be lucky to have lived through such a day and seen such a date. We just love to create illusions and fool ourselves and that, is just so not right! So let me rant.  Like my friend on face book asserted, 12.12.12 happened 2000 years ago. We missed it-let’s just swallow humble pie and try to live with the disturbing fact.

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