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Feel me. I am here.

By Inet Morudu:

Sliding my way silently through sentimental smooth words…

Grand entrances are my specialty.

Everybody will see me arrive but you,

Feel me, I am here.

Remember the changes to your once cold and unaccepting heart?

Well, I did the makeover slowly but surely without your consent.

Your heart has learnt to skip happily like a little girl going to collect a gift

of a lifetime from daddy dearest.

With every step you take towards the dinners, outings and rescue sessions,

Your heart sings a joyful melody.

You don't even need your lips to smile anymore, your heart does it via the eyes.

Feel me. I am here.

I am Love.

I am indescribable to many.

Others don't know what to do with me when they feel me.

Some panic when I arrive.

But behold, I bear golden gifts.

I bring joy to the faithful, trustworthy, passionate and forgiving.

Feel me. I am here, to stay. I am love.

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