Did He really?

Did He really?

By Angela Basanya:

It was an over flowing auditorium, fully packed like it got once a semester for the only concert that occurred in our little university. There was more music, dance, drama than preaching or testimonies, in fact the latter two were avoided. But in that little interlude while the next presentation was yet to come to stage, she asked the MC if she could have the microphone. Since there was no one on stage and he'd run out of things to say to keep the audience entertained, he accepted.

I was half listening. I thought my phone was better company than someone buying time on the mic. She talked about her first year and the man who had her feeling special and confused. After they had sex she thought it was wise to have an HIV test. He was negative, she wasn't. That's when she caught my attention. The sexual encounter had been her first. He wanted nothing to do with her after that and she decided to give her life to God. After about a year in the university fellowship, she chose the day that drew the biggest numbers to share something that would probably see her being stigmatized.

Fast forward to her final year and she testified to her colleagues on the fellowship committee. She'd been praying for healing and received a revelation from God that he'd healed her. She was excited and had stopped taking her meds. They were skeptical. She took a test to quell their fears. It was negative. They said her cd4 count could be too good that the test didn't detect the virus. She tested two other times just to be sure. She insisted she was healed. They mocked her; said she was being stupid. In fact it has been almost two years since we graduated and people still wonder how she's doing. They fear that she could have stopped taking her meds and grew worse.

I wonder why no one had faith in that girl's testimony. I mean we all profess that God is a healer, why is it hard to believe when it comes to HIV/AIDS? Is it too big a disease for him? Is it such a sinful predicament that he can't forgive? When the Jews got excited at Jesus' miracles, he said that his followers would even do greater things. Doesn't praying for healing for an incurable disease and receiving that healing make the list? The bible says that without faith, it is impossible to please God and that everything that does not come from faith is sin. So are we going to keep sinning against God by doubting his healing power when it comes to HIV/AIDS? Or are we going to acknowledge him for the healer that he truly is?

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