Month: December 2012

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Are we a chronically distracted society?

By Suntosh Pillay: Are we killing our creative processes through mindless misadventures in cyberspace? How often do you have a completely uninterrupted space where you can just sit and think, pondering life's mysteries in silence? Personally, I lack enough creative pauses. My cellphone, like a battery-powered limb, relentlessly entices me with its flashing red light. A chance for quiet serenity […]

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To Kiss and Tell

By Rukh-Shana Namuyimba: Two years ago, 28 year German pop star Nadja Benaissa made internal headline news when she was tried for failing to disclose her HIV positive status to sexual partners. I had never heard of Nadja nor her German girl band No Angels but it did catch my attention for two reasons: one, she caused a huge media […]

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Nigerian Spice, Series

Nigerian Spice: No romance without finance

By Emmanuel Adebayo: I have often wondered in the secret corners of my heart, what will happen, if the financial gains and luxury attached to the positions of power – from traditional rulers to the highest positions in civil service post, if they were all taken away – puff! How many Nigerians would still be interested in such positions? How […]

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Inspirational, Tale Africa

Salvation is Suicide

By Joel Muhumuza: 'I must decrease so that he may increase' is often quoted by many a humble believer. I once used to say it myself. It was originally said by the man whom Jesus referred to as being “the man whom no one greater has ever been born”. Well he was his cousin too, so maybe it was also […]

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