The Metrosexual!

By Christopher Kato:

Isn’t it laughable that today’s men salons offer pedicure and manicure services for their male clients? Some go as far as offering hair oil for some men, apparently the glow that comes with oiling the hair is the main attraction for some men opting for that service!

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be encountered with the following: You enter a barbershop, you head to the next free chair and your favourite barber gets down to work. While he’s busy chopping off your hair in the usual style that you want, he whispers in your ear, “Ssebo we also do fingers and nails. Should I call the ‘nails’ person?”

Yes, today’s man has really evolved. His metamorphosis has gone from – French cut, thank you very much to, “I want it cut low on the sides and low on the top, and do you do nails also?” How can a 42 year old man have his feet in a bucket of warm soapy water having his toes chipped by a fella, and at the same time his fingers all stretched out for the ‘nails’ guy to do his thing. And all this is done while he’s having his hair cut! 42 years old!!!

When did men have their toe nails trimmed…by fellow men? Isn’t that disturbing? What happened to the DIY spirit? How can a grown man have his fingers all stretched out with such precision and attention to detail that when he’s having his finger nails trimmed, the dude cutting them constantly comments of how ‘soft’ his hands feel? Yuck!!!

Let's leave the nails ‘saga’ alone. Have you seen some men spotting tight jeans? They ‘compliment’ that look with a blouse-like T-Shirt and black sharp shoes. The t-shirt is purple with wordings on it that read, “Do you like what you see!” Imagine Shaka Zulu bumping into such a fella! Then there is this lot that wear bangles and rosaries around their neck all, apparently in the name of fashion. They even have on these silver bangles that your housemaid wore in the late 90’s all draped on their hands like some sort of Masai bride heading off to get married. How does a man enter a supermarket and head off to the ladies section that sells bangles, and purchases some for himself?

If it ain’t wrong, then what is? Metro sexual my foot!

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7 thoughts on “The Metrosexual!”

  1. Chris…this is actually a funny read. I am surrounded by a metrosexual world and I actually see nothing wrong with it…I am glad that men can get their nails cleaned up…I really cannot stand dirty, uncut finger and toe nails…so it is good that salons now have services for men…men too need to look good, take care of themselves…and skinny jeans? well….i do not mind them on the right body….granted, some people look hideous in them.

    1. Hahaha, ofcourse you don’t see anything wrong with it. Your a woman and these are naturally feminine things. The metrosexual man is not a modern man, he is a Jane-man the equivalent of a tomboy. Men don’t have to have their nails ‘did’ to look good. I wonder what happened to the rugged man that women pined over in daniel steel novels all these years ago? I agree, men should groom but lets not make it seem like its ok for men to do feminine grooming techniques. Men are meant to be Handsome not beautiful. Soon we’ll be wearing heeled shoes and foundation.

      1. Wearing heeled shoes? Kizzy, that wont be surprising considering that men now plait their hair and have their ears pierced. I guess that leaves it up to you men and your preferences. While some of you will still prefer to be the rugged guy with all his masculine qualities, others will prefer to be manicured, pedicured and wear ear rings. The bottom line is that as times change, there are always people who want to move on with the times and trends in order to keep in vogue; unfortunately sometimes not considering what is suitable for them. Either way though, it is good for men to aspire to look clean and attractive as Cynthia suggests, not unkempt.

      2. hehehehe Kizzy, yes I am female and these things make sense…rugged look works for me..but neat also works really well for me…some men have to wait for a woman to clip their long nails for them….so now salons are helping with that, no harm at all 🙂 but if he shd come in heels…eh??!!!! ah! *passes out!*

  2. As long as it’s a well kept foot, that’s alright. Otherwise, I don’t see why you should send the metrosexual to your ‘laughable’ books! Gone are the days when men would look like the next hobo and call it a ‘rugged’ look. But hey, if that’s what your into…rugged my foot!

    1. Isn’t it interesting that only the women are affirming the metrosexual? My thinking is that it makes sense to women because of its femininity. Which is fine if you want girly men. I know women who complain about these same metrosexual men who groom themselves far more than even women. Men who do weekly facials, nails, body scrubs, who curl their hair and use make up. An example that many have found disturbing is a very popular Former Mayoral Aspirant & Radio personality who goes by the name…se..sema! (You know who)

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