P.s I love you: You are my antidote

P.s I love you: You are my antidote

By Andrew Pacutho:

A bad day! You know those days, where it rains on your new hair, a passing car splashes muddy water on you, you nearly break your heel and then you break like three nails only to have your boss shout at you at work; there is no coffee in the coffee machine, the printer runs out of toner and there is none in stock and that ka-annoying work make gets praised for work that you did – those kinds of days.

Well my day, while less dramatic does not feel any less traumatic.

Well, there was this project we were working on at the office. It was a really big deal. We were all called into the board room and assigned tasks and time frames.

I slaved away. Days and nights spent at the computer screen, hours doing research and weekends at the office. I was well ahead of the curve; at least I believed I was.

We made presentations today and my work was trashed. That is not bad in itself, I am used to that, but what really kills me is that goof ball of a boss is the reason we all sucked today. I cannot go into the details but it just feels like such a waste. I suspect most of this ranting will not make sense because I am exhausted and hungry and shaking with anger.

I know you may not understand most of my work politics but talking to you is a form of bloodletting. All that bad blood oozes out when I speak to or with you.

I can trust your opinion and outlook on things. We don't even agree at times but I can trust you to listen and be supportive. Hell sometimes we hate on people together just for you to later point out I was the one in the wrong and needs to apologise.

I shall steal the words from an old nursery school rhyme; yes I am too worn out to think. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy… I forget the rest but you do make me happy.

If I don't answer my phone tonight or respond to any texts don't worry. I am going to be passed out in the foetal position in my cave of solitude. I need to rest.

Oh and why do I tell you all this stuff sometimes? Well love, you are my antidote to a bad day.

Always me.

P.S. I Love You

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Lynn Turyatemba

    this is soooo sweet! :-) and so accurate...

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