P.s I love you: Fight for you

By Andrew Pacutho:

Sometimes I just don't care. I turn on the radio or TV and go to twitter and all they talk about are so called important things in far off places. Many of my friends take on these rallying cries like well-trained parrots. It's all I can do to not wrestle them to the ground and ask them to have an original thought, to unplug from all that globalised nonsense that goes for trends, popular thought or supposed “hot” issues and allow the blood to flow back into their heads and heart. It is then that they shall come to see life in its fullest.

Love, I digress. You get me so sometimes it's easier to give you an earful. With every thought on nation and politics I thought about what I would fight for and why. Many wars have been fought over the years. Some have fought for king and country. Still some have fought simply for country or the right to have a country. Others have fought simply because they had no choice, they were slaves or forced conscripts.

There those that did not want to fight but the fight was brought to them. They fought for life. There are sections of this populace that fights for a right to this or that. Others fight for others. Others still fight for religion or belief, others an ideal and still others simply for the thrill of it or because they could.

There are those that fight because that is all they know to do, some of these fight because they are good at it and can do nothing else. I find these cases some of the saddest. Some fight because others are or because friends are and so these fight for and with their friends. They don't need a reason to join simply that someone close to them is embroiled in battle and so to defend them they fight. These fight for loyalty.

There are those that fight for love or because of love. Funny, all the above can be in this group if they confess they love that which they fight for.

But for what do I fight? I am not the bravest of men nor do I have that much honour to propel me to the darkest heart of conflict for an ideal. I look in the mirror and all I see is an everyday man, with a pretty boring and mundane life. What would make me fight?

I found that answer recently. I would fight for love, for family and for you.

I would fight for my country simply because it is where you and I have built a home and where our offspring are. I would fight if my world, our world was threatened.

When I look in the mirror, I see simply a man. But I know deep down inside lies a warrior waiting to fight if called by his queen, his wife, his love.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Flavia Nansubuga

    Gosh Andrew, this is nice- I must confess, am addicted to your series

    • Pacutho

      thanks flavia...

  • Namuli

    Your pieces leave me 'awwing.' Good job!

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