Nigerian Spice: Identity Concept

Nigerian Spice: Identity Concept

By Emmanuel Adebayo:

The popular statements “all men are the same” and “all women are the same” stem from people who have been hurt by an individual and decided to    stereotype everyone in the opposite sex based on what one person has done. I don't appreciate being classified the same as 'everyone'. I like to think and feel unique! Nevertheless, I can condone the statement 'all men are the same' (to some extent) if it comes from a woman. What I can’t live with is a man who now makes it his business to prove the statement right!

We hear people say different things about us, who we are, what we are like and all other W and H questions. After a while we subconsciously begin to actually pattern our lives after what has been said about us. Nigeria is no different from this rule. Different things have been said about us by other nations, and now we are accepting those terms and living them out. Even die-hard Nigerians are beginning to loose faith and confidence in the nation. We seem not to believe anymore that anything good can come out of this country. We have resolved to using statements like 'this is Nigeria…' or 'we are in Nigeria friend, not in the UK'. This statement literally means (depending on the contextual use) don't expect anything better than this! We do not believe in our products, we would rather spend more on foreign products than on things made within our borders. The increase in lack of confidence within the country has only further aided the acts of mistrust. People now pirate foreign products and we have lost our own indigenous art.

Our thoughts about our country have affected our attitude towards her and ultimately we have reduced the country to zero in our minds. If we all had a chance, we would dump her for 'greener pastures' – but here is the hard truth 'nowhere in the world is greener than your country!'

                                    Nigeria I love you!

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Namuli

    True...true. It seems like people learn to appreciate their country when they leave it. Echoes...'you don't know what you have until you lose it,' or something close to that.

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