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From me to you, about you

By Inet Morudu:

Have you noticed how attentively my ears catch, and hold on to everything you say?

Don't be fooled, it's not the words I absorb, but the calming deep voice.

The very voice that caught my attention the first time my ears heard it go by.

The very voice that calms me through rising blood pressures.

I wish I could explain the peculiar symptoms of love you draw out of me.

Maybe one day my heart can explain to my brain why it would skip a beat when it was my eyes that were seeing you.

Perhaps, then my knees will also explain why they would go weak when it was my lips that you were kissing.

Ooh sweet like honey, I just thought you should know.

Those hazel eyes of yours, the longer I hold our gaze, the deeper I get lost in their comfort.

Captivated and wrapped by their warmth, as my surrounding fades, I never want to be found by reality

The reality I discovered through your soul is so gentle and bright.

I knew I cared but not this much.

I knew I could love but not this much.

From me to you; I love you

About  you; you are amazingly loveable

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