Crowned: Strong Woman

Crowned: Strong Woman

By Nonhlanhla Mnisi:

So I sat and thought about the qualities that make up what we today refer to as a “strong woman.” The title has been mentioned over and over again, but what really makes someone worthy of such a crown?

One might say it's the natural qualities they posses, others might associate it with tragedy; we have seen some getting this title after going through many kinds of abuse, loss, etc. Would one therefore argue if I said this crown comes through works? This crown can be bought, but its value is what many of us fear to experience in life. Now why want the results without a trial? Why demand a title you didn't earn?

A powerful speaker once said, ‘examinations of life don't have a time-table, they come anytime.’ We are taught that greater are the adversaries that come with an open door of opportunities. However, those who are willing to learn, which is a non-transferable responsibility, shall rise up from their ashes with an understanding that the crown is not cheap.

Each day we see ladies/women/mothers/daughters survive what we can call an un-easy existence voyage. Indeed the journey isn't attractive but it is rewarding. It is when we discover the meaning attached to challenges, that even those unpleasant situations can shape a human mind to see beyond and live beyond what is referred to as “logic”.

Now if there's no one who told you how strong you are do your analysis and know yourself more because the exposure you've been through is a purposeful and rewarding one. Moreover through it you shall be content and worthy of the crown – Strong Woman.

PS: To all the STRONG WOMEN out there – share your story!

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Namanya Hope

    I have just read two articles with spelling mistakes. this one and "you are my antidote"

    • Admin

      Thanks Hope for alerting us on that...we will rectify that. Please forward complaints to thanks alot.

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