A mile in his shoes

A mile in his shoes

By Rukh-Shana Namuyimba:

Do you sometimes feel like there is so much you could do if only you were in control of the world? If it were your world for just one day, how much do you think you would accomplish? What difference would you make? Would you leave it a better place or much worse than you found it? The more I ask myself these questions, the more I realize it's so much easier to find fault in everything and everyone else but ourselves. We fault our families, criticize our government, and even sometimes question God's decisions. I must confess I question God more often than I question my own decisions – and I know I have made many foolish decisions I'm not too proud of. So anyways, I dared to dream about a world where I was in total control. But first I needed to walk a day in Gods shoes. And I must confess, it was a very long day that left me sprawled on the floor with an empty box of Kleenex, sore eyes and a broken and repentant heart.

So here I was in total control of the world for just one day. And like I said it was a very daring dream…In my world, the doors to the house of Worship were flung open and left ajar- everyone; poor or rich, literate or illiterate, holy or unholy were welcome. The filthy lad by the street corner, with a repulsive stench of local and possibly potent gin oozing from his every pore was more than welcome to take a front row seat in my house of worship if he came early. My house was not run like an exclusive club where your account balance determined whether you had an aisle seat or a front row cushioned seat. My blessings weren't to be bestowed depending on the size of your offering.

In my world the haves did not look down upon the have-nots. The blessed were only too happy to share whatever little they had knowing full well that they were mere stewards. No one would pull the covers over himself knowing well that his brother may be out in the cold. No one would eat to their fill and lay about like a beached whale knowing only too well that his neighbor's children were crawling into their tattered beddings with the skin of their stomachs hanging onto their backs, bed bugs awaiting their entry.

In my world mothers would protect and cherish their babies no matter what and the few abandoned children would have a place to call home, loving families to call their own; fathers would support their families against all odds; marriages would last till death do them apart, bound by the vows made before God and men; the church would pray without ceasing; my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and seek my face and turn away from their wicked ways. In my world there would be peace unsurpassed, love indescribable, hope never ending, faith unwavering, joy exceeding.

Yes I dare to dream these things because I am persuaded that it is possible to have a world this seemingly perfect if each one of us does their bit. Within each one of us is a deposit of Gods heart, no matter how small. We see what we have done to tear down what He has built. We have filled our hearts with lethargic anger and bitterness towards our own; we tear down each other with the words of our lips, our tongues are sharp fangs lashing out at those we profess to love. We pretend to hold out with one hand and grab back with the other. In haughtiness we judge those seemingly weaker than ourselves in faith. We avert our eyes to the suffering of those in our midst. We steal the innocence of youth and defile the marital bed. We rob of the orphan and the widow and yet we profess to love Christ. We rob the Lord of what is His and His house has nothing to feed on.

We are but hypocrites, lying serpents, worthless creatures deserving of nothing but lives condemned to eternal damnation. And yet, He looks upon us with mercy and loves us unconditionally. He sees us for who we are in Him and not who we are in ourselves. He weeps for who we have become and yet He doesn't give up on us. If we must question, perhaps we should question what kind of a God chooses to love His children despite what they have done to tear down what He so painfully built. Perhaps we should not seek to control the world but desire to have Him take total control of our hearts.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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