A gorgeous package

A gorgeous package

By Inet Morudu:

You can have me if you want me.

The gorgeous smile, round big eyes.

The sexy long legs and comfy bosom.

The slim figure and pretty soft hands you so visibly admire.

Don't be too hasty to take me though because

 Terms and conditions apply.

It's not about how many cows you can offer for my hand in marriage.

It doesn't even matter how well you can work your body in sync with mine.

It's about the package. Can you handle the package?

If you want me, you need to know that I am a complete woman.

I come as a package. A gorgeous package.

I am an obedient daughter, a caring sister, an honourable aunt,

 a reliable friend, a woman of God, an emotional being, a potentially loving mother,

 and faithful wife.

I come with a career.

I am more than my swinging hips.

Much more than my pretty face.

If you want me, you can have me;

 as a package.

A complete, womanly, gorgeous package.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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