Day: November 5, 2012


“Boneless Chicken”

By Cynthia Ayeza: Not so long ago, I was introduced to the concept of boneless chicken. And no, I do not refer to the often tasty white meat that so many Africans love. I recall a story that I was told, of a queen who was to be married to a soon to be king. He would be king by […]

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From me to you, about you

By Inet Morudu: Have you noticed how attentively my ears catch, and hold on to everything you say? Don't be fooled, it's not the words I absorb, but the calming deep voice. The very voice that caught my attention the first time my ears heard it go by. The very voice that calms me through rising blood pressures. I wish […]

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The Metrosexual!

By Christopher Kato: Isn’t it laughable that today’s men salons offer pedicure and manicure services for their male clients? Some go as far as offering hair oil for some men, apparently the glow that comes with oiling the hair is the main attraction for some men opting for that service! Never in a million years did I ever think I […]

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