Test before testimony

Test before testimony

By Inet Morudu:

My testimony is a result

Result of a test

A test never to be studied for

A test for a subject with no textbook

A practical test

It has no due date


Can you imagine my fear?


Will I pass?

Can I pass?

The test is bigger than me

Taller than me

Test before testimony


In my fear I stumble on


God, Modimo[2],Jehova


The test has got a beginning

I know the end

Should be a testimony,

But I see not the end

Test before testimony

I say,

God, I cannot pass

Not this.

Who am I?

I do not have the knowledge

I do not have the stationery



This test is too much



But wait!

Ntwa a se yaka[6]

So who am I to quit?

God my redeemer, savior

And teacher will get me



Here I stand,

Proudly with my testimony

I have passed my test

By His will

Remember: no testimony without

A test.

[1] I SAY God please help[2]Sepedi word for God[3] Please help (in a pleading manner) [4] I said [5] God, help please[6] The battle/struggle is not mine

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