Slowly, Slowly

Slowly, Slowly

By Inet Morudu:

Slowly, slowly

I am drained.

Drained of my joy,

 happiness, peace.

My friend,

as if it wasn't enough for you,

 like a drop of blood isn't enough for a vampire,

 you had to suck my confidence too.

Slowly, slowly

 I feel you drain the gaiety out of me.

With a smile, you insult me.

 With your selfishness

you push me out of the way of appreciation.

Slowly, slowly

 I shrink into the background.

Your Parasitic presence too tight.

 Friend, it's always about you.


Slowly, slowly

 you demote me from friend to vacuum.

 Only remembering me when the abode is dusty.

Slowly, slowly

I become a victim.

 A victim of your selfishness.

 I am always giving, you forever taking.

 Never returning an ounce of the sincerity I send.

 I am always listening but never listened to.

 I even understand,


but am never understood.

I am always accepting but never accepted.

Slowly, slowly

 the inner me is decaying

all because of you friend.

Slowly, silently I hope and pray

you will recover from “it's all about me” syndrome.

 But alas!

You have been blabbering far too long to recover.

Slowly, slowly 'friend'

I will detach myself from you.


Slowly, slowly

 you will remember that I was here. I lived. I loved.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Namuli

    Nicely written. Some people are just too selfish. Like a leech, they suck the life out of you. Nevertheless, they teach what love is NOT!

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