Set me free

Set me free

By Inet Morudu:

I want to fly

Soar in the sky

Fly high with the eagles

For He has granted me the permission.

I want them to teach me

How to stand unmoved,

Not to be fooled by vultures

…like you

But how do I fly

For you have burdened my heart,

Tied my legs together

And detached my wings.

Please set me free

I want to see further than you

I want to soar high

I want to be free

No more tears

For they blur my vision

So set me free

Let me be

For I no longer

Wish to

Walk or run

But I wish to soar high

High above you

Oh vulture

Killer of my joy

Set me free

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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