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Sequins and Sapphires: I hate being ignored

By Kathryn Kazibwe:

I hate being ignored. I wouldn't call myself the biggest attention seeker, so when I do call for attention, I want it given, pronto! There's this thing people like to do when you ask them a question and they take forever to answer, and when they do, it's with a cursory “hmm?” God, how I hate it when people do that! The only thing I hate more is the Facebook version of it.

I use my Facebook account mainly for the inbox service, seeing as my newsfeed has now been taken over by people who think that God's going to erase my name from His Book of Life if I don't click 'like'. What on earth is wrong with those people anyway? Who wants to serve a god who checks how many “I LOVE GOD” status updates you've liked per day? Won't the people with no food, let alone internet in Ethiopia all end up in hell for not 'liking' anything all their lives? Or maybe that's why they're suffering anyway, because they don't claim their daily blessings by commenting “Amen” on those posts! Yes, they irk me too! And I think I do well for myself by ignoring them and going straight to my inbox to text those who matter in my life.

Now, when I send an inbox, and Zuck's loyal minion informs me that it has been sent I want to see a reply. I mean, if I sent you something like “So what's up?” and you saw it, wouldn't it follow for you to reply? For God's sake, even if I'm boring you stiff, at least grant me the courtesy of a one word answer! But if three hours and two status-updates later you sent me an “I didn't see this” inbox, wouldn't I be right to not believe you and be angry at you and plot my revenge on you? I think I'd entirely be justified. Beating the MTN barrier to ask a friend what's up is no mean feat, I tell you! I should know.

My daily data bundle of 20 MB had just expired, and I bought credit, because I am a good friend, and I want to check my inbox regularly, just in case someone needs a reply. Of course I couldn't use my laptop because the internet on campus is crap, if I am to be polite. Anyway, I lost the air time card before I could load it, so I decided to use Facebook Zero, MTN's gift to chronic Facebookers. Alas, it wouldn't work either! I was redirected to a page informing me of the demise of my data bundle, and instructing me to buy more. Wait, isn't Facebook Zero supposed to cost, well, zero? So I called customer care. Dear MTN subscribers, I advise you to never do that if you are already in frustrated mode. I obviously wasn't successful on the first try, but when “Samaliehakanahelpyou” finally picked (this is the VERY summarized version of that ordeal) she informed me, on a chuckle, that much as it is Facebook Zero, one cannot use it if their balance is exactly that.

So why the hell is it there anyway? Probably just another one of their little not-so-funny jokes, like how it takes hours for them to process a 'Me to you' – that's when you send someone credit.  What if I'm motionless, voiceless and dying in my room, and all I have to do is call my neighbor for help, but I have no credit, and my Facebook won't work, and the 'Me to you' my sister sent me earlier hasn't reached and is still being processed, aka ignored… What a pitiful, pointless death! And did I mention I HATE being ignored?

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5 thoughts on “Sequins and Sapphires: I hate being ignored”

  1. Yes you did mention you hate being ignored!! You also mentioned you don’t want to serve a god who keeps checking how many ‘I LOVE GOD’ statuses you liked. Perhaps there are some friends of yours who don’t like friends that keep count of how many times they reply their messages and how long it takes them. 😉

  2. when you are on a laptop, there are times when the message is ‘sent’ – only to await a reply in vain. and when you return to the inbox, it claims you never sent anything…

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