P.s I love you: Wish you were here

By Andrew Pacutho:

It has been a while since we last hang out. I am sorry. Days have gotten hectic and the minutes, hours and days have flown by. Our busy schedules do not make things any easier. I hope the texts and phone calls help fill the void until we can both make time for each other as often as we used to.

I wish you could know just how much I wished you were a part of my day at work. There are so many times seeing you would just make things bearable but most times I settle for a text message, an I.M or the comfort of Facebook.

Sometimes I find myself “stalking” you on Facebook, imagining what your day is like and what inspired the last update. Sometimes I end up in your album looking at you and your girlfriend having fun and wishing I was there that day. Sometimes I scroll through just so I could get a glimpse of your smile even if it's static and so unlike the bright real life version, it still manages to make me smile and that makes me feel better.

My work would benefit a lot as well from your input. These last few months have been brutal. I very much would love to hear your view on some aspects of this project. I could call but that would not be the same as watching you think, that intense look on your face as the gears of your mind start churning away. You have always been able to make me see things in a different light or bring a whole new perspective that in my haste may have totally overlooked. I am sure with your sexy brain you could come up with something worthwhile.

I just wish you were here. We don't have to talk. Don't have to “do anything”, just the knowledge that you are there, around me somewhere and that I can call on you or maybe that you can just sense my mood and state. Many times you have said you don't know what to do or tell me because I get so wrapped up in my dark cloud but know your being there, your worrying about me weaves a silver thread through my cloud and many times makes the weariness or gloom or anger melt away.

I miss you…a lot.



P.S. I Love you.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Namuli

    The facebook stalking is so easy to relate too. Being in love with someone you don't see frequently is the hardest thing.

  • Flavia Nansubuga

    I know this feeling- Its very familiar

  • me

    Aaaaawwwwww I really like her.... is she reading these?

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