P.s I love You, Series

P.s I love you: It is you

By Andrew Pacutho:

There is never anything static in life.

There will always be someone more beautiful than you. There will always be someone more intelligent than you. You will not always come out on top and sometimes the sun shines and sometimes you will be drenched in the rain.

Some days you won't be dressed so well. Some days you may be a little round around the edges and some days you just may be totally off point.

I won't always want to talk to you. Some days I may prefer the boys' company to yours. Some days I will want to crawl into my cave and be alone. Some days I may forget your birthday or some other special event. I won't always be able to accurately read your mood or say the right thing to make you day better.

Some days we shall fight. Other days we shall fight even more. Some days we won't agree and still some days I shall be right and you shall be wrong.

In life there are always those days and those times when things do not go as we wish or planned but on those days remember this…

There may be prettier but it's you I have an eye for.

They may be more intelligent but it's your brain I find sexy.

They may be dressed better but your sense of style makes me smile.

They may always come out on top but they will never have a greater cheering like that I will give you.

You may sometimes be wrong but you're always right for me.

When it rains on you, call me, 'cause the rain makes me think of you so I will totally have the right words to make you feel better.

On the days when the scale is inaccurate, don't worry, the road may have widened but the curves are still there and dangerous as ever.

The days I want to be with the boys remember, I may spend a day with them, but the week is always yours.

When I am in my cave being alone, your pictures are right in front of me.

So many things may go wrong but just remember this, It is you I chose, it is you I wake up to see, it is you that makes me smile and laugh, it is you I find desirable, beautiful and sexy.  I over looked all the others and ransomed my heart to you. My sweet girl…for me…it is you that I want.



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