It can actually mean nothing!

It can actually mean nothing!

By Brian Bwesigye:

“My heart and brain are not found between the legs. The heart is in the chest and the brain in the head. So why do you ask me if opening my legs to a man means opening my heart to them or whether it makes sense?” There was no hint of remorse or guilt in her voice. Disarmed, her boyfriend stood there, refusing to partake of the breakfast and listened.

“There is no heart down there and no brain either and there is no reason why issues of the legs should involve the heart and the brain. Biological functions intrinsically make sense, simply because they are biological. See, if it did not make sense, there is no reason why the knees would become weak on seeing a certain person. There is no reason why desire would develop. Desire develops when it biologically makes sense.

But I know your fascination with control. You have been raised on this control-craziness. You preach that the brain should control the heart and the heart should control the legs. But come on, why aren't the brain and heart located down there if they are meant to control whatever that is there? And please stop this business of insinuating that I love everyone who has entered my legs. Who I love has nothing to do with who enters my legs. Whatever that happens between the legs has nothing to do with love. To love is for the heart, to think is for the brain, and well, some biological functions are for the legs.”

He headed for the door. No 'Good-byes', no nothing. It all means nothing, he told himself.

Outside her apartment, he sat on a stone and reflected on their past.

They met at Boda Boda, those days when the bar was new. She looked smashing in her handkerchief for a dress and that night they had ended up in his bed, at university. He did not even escort her out of the room in the morning, but he kept her number. They became friends. They became lovers. She was the Eve gotten from his rib on creation day.

Then one day, she asked him about his close friend, Migisha. He told her, he was to him what Cain was to Abel. He worried that he would one day kill him over his stepping beyond the boundary. That is where the discussion ended, that day. Lots of other things happened in the period following their discussion about Migisha.

Then one day, it fell in his ears that she had been seen with Migisha at the same Boda Boda. They had been seen holding each other like wife and husband as they left the bar around midnight. There was no prize for guessing where they were headed. When he asked her about that very night, she did not deny, she told him everything. It was in fact not the first time; she had been sleeping with him for a while. And she saw nothing wrong with it.

They fought about it for a week or so. Then she relented and asked him to forget it, swearing that it was left in the past, that it would not happen again. A few months down the road, he took her to his parents, and made it known that she was the one he intended to marry. An engagement ring made it to her finger in front of his parents.

Just one week after meeting his parents, she was in the arms of Migisha again. That was last night. She knew that he had the key to the apartment when Migisha came in. They even joked about it – “What if he comes and finds us naked?” And that is exactly what happened. But the drama was contained. Migisha made for the door as soon as the lights were switched on. But sleep and words eluded the apartment and its occupants the entire night. If it was not for the lack of an alternative place to sleep, he would have followed Migisha out of the house.

In the morning, they started talking about it. She is the one who raised it. She asked how he felt about her sexual interaction with his friend. He erupted.

“You are my own rib …”

“No, I am not …” she interrupted.

“You chucked me?”

“No, I did not.”

“Then, why say you are not my rib?”

“Because woman did not come from man: In fact man comes through the legs of a woman.”

Avoiding the discourse on religion, he asked, “Do you love him?”

And she took him through a lecture about legs, the heart, the brain and biology.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Lebogang

    hahahaha this is just deep:) "man comes from the legs of a woman"

    • Kizito "Kizzy" Katawonga

      I've always said its a strange world where women are as casual about sex as men have always seemed to be. The notion that a woman can't give herself to a man unless she trusts him and feels emotionally connected to him is fast becoming a joke. The emancipation of women has brought about a removal of sexual restraint and women are now going for it like the men, with no shame or concious. What a wonderful new age we live in.

      • Ayeza

        Sarcasm I see :) It can mean nothing...without necessarily putting blame on anyone and taking full individual responsibility for my actions, I am inclined to say that we, too, as women have learned from the very environment we live

  • Yule Mweupe

    Indeed there is neither a brain nor a heart down there! Yes, it can actually mean nothing.

  • Farie Dediah

    man thought, woman comes from his rib, yet all along, he comes from her legs. Lord Jesus.

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