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Identification and use of a subject in a sentence

By English Tutor:

The subject is easy to identify in a sentence and many people don't have a problem identifying it. Many people however have the problem of using the subject twice in one sentence.

Me I am very aware of these things.

I am very aware of these things.
Me can never be used grammatically correct as the start of a sentence. There is no sentence in the English language that can make sense or be considered grammatically correct if it starts with ME. It is a person pronoun.

Us we are going to class a 3pm.
Us is another person pronoun that cannot be used grammatically correct to start a sentence.

We are going to class at 3pm.

Elissa she is coming over for the weekend.
Elissa already identifies the subject or the noun; there is no need to use she because there is already an identification of the subject.

Elissa is coming for the weekend or she is coming for the weekend.

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