As if life itself wasn’t…

As if life itself wasn’t…

By Talent Mqongo:

As if life itself wasn’t enough for man to work with;

Life is full of fun but fun is nothing without it

We page through it messing up with things or people who don’t enhance it

We strive to belong and endlessly hurt just to fit in

Nothing makes sense neither am I getting any cents

Pausing for a second asking myself why should I persist in its ambiance?

I’m sorry; please; thank you, such words we find difficult to say

The clock starts ticking rapidly staging the man into a panic

Trying to glue it all into the palms, unfortunately blessed with only two

Indeed it's a one way insane trip for man to regain his sanity

Now it looks bright, determination clear, so is the past through the mirror in the rear

Surrounding forces of energy all green switched to the positive

Meditating through scriptures; the Creator indicated an affirmative

As if life itself wasn’t enough; man chose all the greed and negative,

All the shortcuts to vanity, the pride, lies and short lived earthly glory

Racing with the hour glass in pursuit of a rewarding spiritual victory.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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