P.s I love you: This silence is killing me

P.s I love you: This silence is killing me

By Andrew Pacutho:

I cannot stand it when we don't talk any more. This silence is killing me. So let us get over ourselves and go back to the way things were.

Granted I am not the easiest person to love but neither are you. We all have our perks and quirks and weird “isms” but I have chosen to love you in spite of them.

When I first confessed to loving you many people wondered how I would “manage”. They said you were strong headed and rather stubborn. They said your ambition was bigger than a mountain and that you would not respect a man as a woman should but they did not know one small secret; those were some of the things that made me fall for you.

Yes, sometimes you are a royal pain in the behind but my heart still beats for you. I cannot ask for a rose and whine when the thorns rear their head but alas a bed of thorns with no roses is not pleasant either.

I guess what I am trying to say is let's look beyond the things that don't work and look at the things that do work. Let me remind you, in case you have forgotten, why I love you.

You have an amazing sense of humour. You laugh, and heartily. I love that about you. You seem to get all my weird jokes and appreciate my way of looking at things.

You love oldies music. Yes, you live in a time when music was music not just a funky beat and a couple of words strung together.

You love family. I see you struggle to get along with your mom even though your relationship has not been the best. You refuse to give up on her or give in to the hurt within your heart. You are a fighter and a strong woman. I love that about you.

You are honest and open. I love that I don't have to wonder what's on your mind because you tell me straight up. Sometimes I try to guess and maybe surprise you and you are always handy with an encouragement when needed. You know how my world can be tough some days.

You love God. You are truly, madly, deeply, absolutely in love with him. In fact you told me how he is the number one man in your life and will always be even when I put a ring on it. (Smile)

You are gentle and firm. You are loved by all your nieces and nephews and feared at the same time. You're thoughtful and kind.

There is just so much about you that I love so let us please look past the stuff that does not work because I know for sure there is much more that does.


Can't take the silence any more.

P.S. I love you.

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Eve

    P.S. I love you too!

    • Ayeza

      Nice one Eve :)

  • jolly


  • Sarah N Nsiime

    I like this!!

  • Oily cheeks

    Feels like deja vu. . . Have we met before? Totful write up!

    • Pacutho

      Oily Cheeks...i like the name. maybe we have met in another life...thanks for the appreciation.

  • me

    Is this me? What silence? Bits of it seem like its me but I'm not sure.

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