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P.s I love You: I hope it was worth it

By Andrew Pacutho:

You said you just were not ready for another relationship. You said it was too painful to love. You said you could not risk your heart again. You said you just were not ready period. You said a lot of things back then.

But life can only be judged in retrospect, after we have walked a certain road and looked back, only then can we say that is was worth it.

Back then I admit we both were at the worst possible place for a relationship. You had barely made six months since a painful breakup and I had not dated in like a zillion years. You were sad and in pain, I was rusty and dusty. Two love misfits bumping into each other.

It was one of those meeting at a random party. We both were feeling awkward and aloof. I remember making a bee line for you because you seemed the only calm person in the whole area and you were perched on the only sofa in the area and my legs were killing me. I was bone tired.

I really did not want to make conversation but since we share such an intimate space I gave in and started some small talk. It seemed we both needed some slack that day and we chatted on about anything and everything until you received a call and had to say your good byes.

It was months later that we met again and picked up from where we stopped. It was then that you gave me all the reasons above. Then I did not know that my heart was planning a coup de tat and so was just the listening friend then.

Many meeting both random and planned and then it hit me. I liked you very much. This was the first of many months of hiding my feelings afraid to mess up a good friendship. It was that fateful walk after a friend's party that I poured out my heart and you shared yours.

That was a start of a long journey and down the road I hope you look back and say, “It was worth it.”

I hope you can look back and say I am glad I took the leap because I am glad I did.

Always me

P.S. I Love You

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