Life Without Parole #4

Life Without Parole #4

By Iteti:

Hi, my name is Regina. I am telling this story because I hope that one day somehow, somewhere, it might inspire someone.

I am a Christian. Since I was little, all I have ever known is to love and serve the Lord. My life's values and principles are based solely on the word of God. So you can imagine the number of things people who don't understand my faith have called me in my growing years. I have been called conservative, introverted, and too Christian, anti social, among others. I have learned not to mind because it means that I am standing for something. Just because I don't go out dancing doesn't mean I am anti social.

The story I want to tell, however, isn't about my journey of salvation; it is rather about how I met the man I intend to spend the rest of my life with. It really wasn't anything special. I asked God for a man who is sold out for Him and doesn't like bananas; and He gave me just that. We met at a young workers' fellowship. He was friends with a friend of mine who later, at the end of the fellowship, introduced us. When Greg is re-telling our story, he says he knew the moment he laid eyes on me from across the room, that I was the woman he was going to marry. I, on the other hand, didn't take much notice of him then.

From the time we were introduced, Greg did almost everything in his power to ensure that we met “coincidentally”. He invited our mutual friend and me to a concert one time and even paid for our tickets. I kept wondering what tricks this man had up his sleeve. I thought he was being too nice to me, so I confronted him about it. He then told me how he felt about me. I squarely told him my feelings weren't mutual and that if he could, I'd prefer it if we just remained friends. He agreed. So, in the spirit of friendship, Greg decided that his duty would be to pick me up from work every evening and take me home. He said he was just being friendly, I thought he was mad.

This one time when he was out of the country for a week, he asked a friend of his to help him pick me up from work the entire week, and so his friend became my chauffeur that entire week. I can't tell you how odd that was for me – odd but sweet. So, I ran to my wise aunt and told her about his man, Greg, whom I had rejected. So my aunt asked me what was wrong with him, and I said, “Nothing,” then she went to ask me, “So what's the problem then?”  That's when I told her I wasn't attracted to him. She laughed and commanded that she and I take three days off to fast and pray about this issue. By the end of the three days, I don't know how that worked, but I found myself attracted to Greg.

I kept my feelings for him to myself for a while because I intended to be cautious with this one. My heart had a few years back been broken by a man who I thought was heaven sent and I never thought there was anyone who could compare to him. In every way, every guy I met seemed to pale in comparison to my ex-boyfriend, until now. Greg was and still is, in my eyes, the very thing I asked God – a reflection and gentle reminder of Christ's love. My feelings for him grew into the kind of love a woman felt towards a man she could see herself spending an eternity with. Greg is gentle with me; he is patient, kind, loving and a leader. He has a heart that is so sold out for God, it makes me want to get closer and closer to him.

One evening when he was taking me home, I told him about my feelings for him. Readers, I have never seen a man so excited about a piece of news like Greg was that day. We started dating. After he dropped me home that evening, he says he got so overwhelmed that he unknowingly stopped his car in the middle of an intersection and caused a huge traffic jam. The police officer forgave him, thank God, and sent him off with a warning. Would you believe that he never kissed me the entire time we were dating?!? He saved it all for after we were wedded in church.

Greg and I were married about a year later and we have three beautiful children together. It is our 7 year anniversary this week and I have never been happier. Greg and I, can you believe, have never quarrelled or fought. He has never raised his voice at me. Somehow, we always manage to talk things through. We pray together every day and believe God to fulfil His purpose in our lives. I know for a fact that my husband loves me. Some people say we act like a couple that just started dating; I am grateful to God for that. He respects me the way no other man has ever shown me respect. Sometimes I am amazed at how much blessing God has given to me in my husband that I cry out of an abundance of joy. We don't have that much and we recently got into a financial crisis, but we have stood together through it all, and after this I know that, with God of course, we can withstand anything.

God first; man will follow.

Happy anniversary, Gregory!

This is a true story – based on real and actual events in the lives of Regina and Greg (not real names).

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Kizito "Kizzy" Katawonga

    Fantastic. Finally a story that inspires me with hope that It damn well is possible to have a awesome marriage. Thankyou

  • Sarah N Nsiime

    This is awesome. Sounds like one of those fairy tales straight out of a story book. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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