My Life

My Life

Talent Nqongo:

My life, my drama, my tears and my pain

All the struggles, the hustles, dilemmas in my way

No words spoken, neither a direction down the drain

Oh dear Lord Can you hear me in the alley with the rain?

Barricaded in these city walls and nothing left to gain

Feels like leprosy, all types of cancer – I see my fading away

My intentions were good till my mind couldn’t crack it

Derailed and bounced back and still my flesh wouldn’t accept it

They say when a man finds a woman; he found a good thing,

But of all the women who found me, it was always a bad fling

Waiting surreptitiously for the day I get the change

Looking worse than an addict on narcotics preparing a syringe

Lightning bolt strikes through just like the sword of Kensei

As I look up to the skies, now I understand words I couldn’t say!

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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