Day: September 17, 2012



By Ragi Bashonga: Daddy said to me recently that I thought much clearer when I was younger; I found that a bit hard to understand seeing that in my eyes at least, I'm smarter now, way smarter. But I suppose that's the problem, I know too much, therefore I think too much and ultimately do very little. Today, I'm reminiscent […]

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Poetry, Tale Africa

Story of my life

By Damilola Akinremi: They refuse to let me grow. They keep taking from me. They break my limbs and starve me. They take my funds and squander them. While pretending to love me.   All that I own, they covert. They starve me of Peace and tranquillity. And take my food over seas, over mountains high and low. They feather […]

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Poetry, Tale Africa

My Heritage

By Inet Morudu: Heyi! Yingisela.[1] Irinikubyela.[2] I am a daughter of African soil   Ngithilalelawena[3] I burst into laughter Dimples deep in my cheeks. Eyes glowing bright. Let the mqombothi[4] be poured As we celebrate this day.   Hey wena.[5] Kereutlwa.[6] I beat my drums of joy Bright in my beaded attire Sharing with the Ngobeni's, the Nqobo's, The Van […]

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