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The Mortal Watch

By Adebayo Okeowo:

“Who's the new kid? And what's he doing here?” Aramen was asking Joachim.

“He is a mortal. He got clearance from the Trinity!” Joachim responded.

“He wants to stand watch with us tonight,” Mitchell explained further.

My name is… never mind! My name is not important here. My aim is!

I had entreated God with a special request and I got the Trinity's nod.

It is following the approval of 'upstairs' that I now stand this night's watch along with 3 angels.

What's the mission? A female mortal – watch over her as she sleeps.

Why was this so important?

Because I have told her over and over again that I wanted to be her angel. She probably never believed. Neither did I mean it in the literal sense of the word. But I just cared so much for her that I wanted to be her angel without wings… her angel with human feet. Now this was my opportunity to prove it!

Why her?

Seriously, are YOU still asking that question?!!

“But why her?” this time, the question came from Mitchell, a female angel who spoke so softly.

As I began to recount her qualities, the other angels leaned in to listen. They seemed fascinated by mortal-matters.

“She is a God-chaser,” I started saying. “She is focused and passionate about living right! She cares for others, especially Children (God's heritage). She is so graceful and fun to be with. When she smiles, even the sun raises a brow to check if it now has competition. She makes hearts skip, run and hop. At least she does that to mine. And she is beautiful. She obviously is a descendant of the lovely Hadassah.” “Woooow! Your eyes are glowing! Indeed you mortals have a part of the Father in you,” Mitchell remarked.

At such sweet remarks, I didn't know when I blushed.

It so happened that I had said so much that the winged beings were totally captivated.

The three angels seemed to be enjoying my company. They all turned their heads to watch her as she peacefully slept, oblivious to the conversation going on in her room amongst these unseen folks.

“She is indeed a rare mortal!” Mitchell concluded after her time of observation.

Aramen and Joachim nodded their agreement – the best they could do since they remained captivated. So it was that we all together watched over she who I also call 'Ziva' which means Splendour – one of the few Hebrew names that attempts to describe her being.

By the time it was sunrise, just before I had to leave, I asked the angels to help adjust the curtains so the sun rays will gently filter in and cast a glow on her lips. Hopefully when she tastes the sunlight, she will know I was there all night, hearing her exhale every breath.

I left a note by her bed. The paper was chocolate brown (one of her favourite colours), the ink: purple and the words were:

It's so beautiful watching you sleep. You are never alone!


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