Sequins and Sapphires: Irreversible Districts

Sequins and Sapphires: Irreversible Districts

By Kathryn Kazibwe:

Recently on Twitter everyone made a huge joke out of the rampant district creation going on in Uganda. My favorite was one where your boss no longer calls you to his office; instead he pops his head out and says, “Step into my district for a second!” I had a good laugh about it until someone asked if and how this 'district infestation' would be reversed. It got me thinking about how many things we do, or are done to us, without a single thought about the future, which is where repercussions like to hide.

It is all fun and games until (irreversible) damage is done, and the brown stuff hits the fan.

You were just having a little chit chat, no problem, until you find out that the dirt you dished finally landed in the ears of the lead character in your story.

It was nothing serious, just teenage fun! Until you're in the bathroom staring tearfully at the two pink lines on the stick you've just peed on.

She was simply too hot to avoid! So you tapped some of that, after all every married man does it, right? Right, but you are alone in that bright white room being advised to bring your wife for testing as well; you're HIV positive.

Only after such do we realize that whatever ugly situation we have put ourselves in could have been avoided. Why, oh, why do we see clearer from the other side of mistakes? Sometimes I wish I was a mutant. And my super power would be that whenever I face any kind of temptation, numbers form in my mind showing the probability that my desired course of action will cause me to be royally screwed, and what the best thing to do would be. Wait, don't we all have that 'super power'? Isn't it manifested in that inner voice, nagging feeling, Holy Spirit; whatever you might call it, which causes us to have second thoughts whenever we're heading the wrong way?

Truth be told, we can always know when potential decisions will lead to a bad ending. But we choose to turn a blind eye, make all sorts of excuses, and paint it alright, knowing it isn't. And this process of the mind (or heart, whatever the case) elevating a bad idea gradually to 'only option' status may take just a second, if even that! It's the stuff comedy is made of, the things a man will tolerate, even encourage, just for a passing desire.

Recently I was suffering oceans of sorrow because of a silly yet huge mistake I made months back. Talk about things coming back to bite me in the ass! This one just fell short of leaving me without a back side altogether. And oh, how dumb I felt to have landed myself in a stinking shit hole crawling with all sorts of vermin. Of course I had my finger-pointing phase; I blamed everything, from God to the fly on the wall. But when that was over I had to eat that horrible tasting humble pie and admit responsibility for my own actions. Then I embarked on the task of rolling back the districts I had carved; forgiving myself (it is way harder than I thought!) and moving on.

I don't know if, when or how the next president of this country will undo the district mess, but this I do know, I won't be making the same mistake again, not in this lifetime.

For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, 'It might have been!' –  John Greenleaf Whittier

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Ayeza

    regrets are something else.... Just as a by the way, how many districts are there now?

    • Yule Mweupe

      I lost track when he promised some more at a recent rally.

  • Aroriza

    In his book 'The Gift of Fear', Gavin de Becker says that people are the only 'animals' whose instinct tells them that there is danger and yet they still go towards it to confirm first. The rest of the animals don't need to confirm, they just run for safety. I think we over rate our faith. Animals have more faith than us. But again, its our curiosity that makes us more intelligent-we keep learning from our mistakes. That aside, you mean when you see two pink lines then you know shit has hit the fan?! How about one pink rather one pink line?! :D

    • Yule Mweupe

      haha! well, I guess for some people the one pink line would be a problem. Not for a teenager, though!

  • Migisha Boyd

    Opa karma-style :| the best thing about mistakes is that we are sure theres a lesson to learn from them. Afterall, God gives beauty for ashes. I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten--the great locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm--my great army that I sent among you. - Joel 2:25

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