P.s I love You, Series

P.s I love You: A frustrated lover, I am

By Andrew Pacutho:

I have searched the heavens for the right words and have found none. I have searched the earth for the perfect gift and found none and so I settle for volume, consistency and constants.

If each chord of an instrument were a word, I would gather all the instruments known to man, an ensemble, an orchestra of mighty proportions to compose the tune that is your praise.

If the stars were each a word, I would have to gather galaxies far and beyond to speak your praises. Oh that I was mighty Leo I would command the stars to sing you a song; That I was Poseidon and the oceans depths would shudder and shiver as they whispered your name.

A thousand suns could not match your brilliance. A thousand words gathered could not describe your comeliness. A hundred songs could not even begin to put tune to your loveliness.

But alas I am neither god nor Demi god. So I settle for simple words and simple tunes. I settle for the wealth of the earth, the treasures dredged from the deep and fashioned as trinkets, tokens of my love and affections.

I retreat to the place of words spoken and written, of simple phrases for it's what the gods have afforded me. On this paper I pour my heart and emotion in hopes that I can in some way show you how much you mean to me.

 As is traditional with me my dear love, I over do it. I have gone all poetic and lyrical and splashed too much that this letter must seem unreal, exaggerated, fake even. For that I apologise. When trying to describe you I tend to overdo it.

But alas I forget that you have always been a simple woman. You never shunned any gift and many times were shy when I lavished you with praise. You told me you are simple and remain so and thus I take every day words to say what I truly feel.

I love you.



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