Illusions of a Bachelor: Have we messed up?

By Aaron Aroriza:

There are some posters that littered the streets of Kampala a few months ago. Adverts on breast enlargement, hips enlargement, bum enlargement, penis elongation and enlargement and all sorts of other related adverts. You could tell business was going great for those entrepreneurs. You could also tell they had tapped into a ready market – a very big one at that.

This kind of artificial human transformation of course distorts natural selection and natural attraction.

A man who would have instinctively been attracted to a light-skinned, big butted, red-lipped, brown eyed woman with a lot of hair could instead end up with a naturally dark, small-butted, dark-lipped, red eyed woman with kinky hair who bleached her skin, went to a Chinese clinic for bum enlargement, uses red lipstick every day, has brown contact lenses and a wig woven onto her head.

He would have surely ended up with the kind of woman God had intended for another man whose natural attraction would be to the original attributes of the now transformed woman. Two men would be at a loss. One for the woman he didn't marry and the other for the woman he married. Two women too, would be at a loss.

Men have also learnt the art. The short ones wear 'high heeled men's shoes' if they want to appear taller, the genetically skinny ones can stuff themselves with steroids, bald headed ones can decide to conceal this fact by ensuring their heads are always clean shaven, the quiet shy ones can intoxicate themselves and momentarily seem bold and talkative and the small penise-d ones who think big is better can also visit the Chinese clinic or eat mulondo.

Now we get attracted to illusions and then ask ourselves why the divorce rate is so high. But the divorce is even the least of these problems if you ask me. I think, because people are getting married to people they wouldn't otherwise be getting married under natural circumstances, they might be giving birth to people that weren't supposed to naturally be here. People who won't be at peace with nature, people who don't like themselves that much, people who will kill other people for a hobby, people who will want to genetically modify every natural living thing and generally destroy the world while at it; People who won't respect humanity and will find the idea of manufacturing test-tube babies a worthwhile one.

But then again when you think about it, aren't we already manufacturing test-tube babies in our marriages?! If a genetically small penise-d man (naturally attracted to light skinned women) who got it artificially enlarged, married a genetically dark woman (naturally attracted to large penises for whatever reason)who bleached herself to appear light skinned and then they used condoms in the first years of marriage so they can first have fun before that 'bundle of joy' came into the picture, and then one rowdy night the condom burst and they ended up with a pregnancy, would we really call it a natural one?

For starters I would like to believe that the condom bursting action might actually distort the sperm race. Hence the fastest sperm might not be the one that wins. Then of course there is that factor of two people who in their natural state might never have been attracted to each other in the first place and therefore might not have been in God's original natural plan to bring up any children together. Now, that in my book might pass as test-tube 'pregnancy'.

Of course all this definitely has no intellectual or research backing but the next time you see the ills humans are doing in this world, the next time you hear news of global warming, bestiality, fathers defiling their own daughters, people blowing themselves up, ask yourself whether this really is a natural phenomenon. And while you are at it, you could also ask whether you yourself are indeed supposed to be in this world. Could it be possible that we've altered nature so much and ended up with a human race that should not have been here at this particular time?  Could it be the reason we are constantly asking ourselves what our purpose in this life and world is and not getting any conclusive brilliant answers? Could it be the reason we've created so many illusions?

Founder and Editor in Chief of the Readers Cafe Africa

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  • Damalie

    <3 it, <3 it, <3 it

    • Aroriza

      Glad you love it Damalie. :)

  • Amanda

    and they keep falling like dominoes.....maybe that's why movies focus on alternate universes with "superior" humans or aliens out to destroy mankind beore he destroys himself............................................we need God,but I'm not sure if Milly has really found him ;)

    • Aroriza

      Hahaha...Milly has found a bad god. I would not wish that kind of god on any one. I hope Milly discovers the right God soon. Man is evidently going to destroy himself. Its just a matter of time....every new generation comes out worse-all out to destroy nature.

      • amanda

        You sound like you've given up all hope for man kind,but we both know there are a few normal people out there and if deep calls to deep we'll find them.........just saying if you don't seek you won't find and to lose heart is to lose everything.I won't say bury your head in the sand and smile like a crazy person i'm just saying there's always a silver lining(sometimes it's very elusive)

        • Aroriza

          No, on the contrary i'm having a blast in this life. I'm also very hopeful and have faith that everything written in the bible will come to pass. ;) The end times in revelations?!! ;) ;) Man will ultimately have to destroy himself.

  • kibera

    HUman biengs are God's best sure each one of us is here under his plan...n we all are meant to live in harmony...but because we have a right to chose...most chose the wrong things....but God only haas good ntentions for us.......every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord.....we are a gift.....i just think we neeed to stop giving excuses...get out there...and do something.....

    • Aroriza

      But the fact that we keep giving excuses and failing to get out there and do something is what makes me skeptic. It's what makes me think that perhaps we've changed God's original plan. Can't you see we are destroying God's world, can't you see we have no regard for God's creations? Can't you see we keep making the wrong choices? Does it not sometimes cross your mind that perhaps human kind is in the wrong placer at the wrong time? Don't some circumstances force you to really think about it?We might be God's gift but we definitely ain't behaving so, Kibera. And one has to ask themselves why!!

      • Ayeza

        Ouch! Man/Woman in the mirror! We may be God's gift but we certainly do not behave as such! a pity.

        • Aroriza

          Yet when we look in the mirror we are supposedly looking at God. Aren't we created in his image? ;) So isn't he staring back at us in the mirror? If we don't like the image, we definitely don't like God. And if we don't like God, are we really a worthwhile gift?!

  • Kizito "Kizzy" Katawonga

    HAH!A story is told of a 60year old woman who dies of a heart attack. She stands before God and pleads for more time. God grants her 20 more years. When she comes back to life she immediately goes for facial reconstruction surgery, lipo, botox the works. She's so happy at her new look and as she leaves the clinic, she gets run down by a car. Standing before God again, she cries out, But Lord,you gave me 20 more years to live. God responds, "I'm sorry but who are you?" Yes, your wisdom is well written and well recieved.I for one aren't interested in being an illusion anymore. I am searching out my truest self and plan to be exactly that.

    • Aroriza

      Hahahaha...that story of the 60 year old woman carries a lot of truth and alot of food for thought. lol Meantime, i would like to tag along your search journey-even if i'm to be just your porter. ;)

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